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The HD Survival Handbook


  • essential background information
  • formats and cameras
  • media and storage issues
  • capturing and monitoring
  • HD workflows (including 24P)
  • web, Blu-ray, data and SD video distribution

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Table of Contents

"What is HD?"



Updated for 2009-2010: Completely revised. New cameras added and obsolete cameras removed; updated capture options for Final Cut Pro and Media Composer; Full support for Media Composer added; and new Blu-ray distribution options. Up-to-date for Final Cut Pro 7 and Media Composer 3.5.

The HD Survival Handbook was written to answer the myriad of questions that arise when a video professional moves from working in the Standard Definition world up to the more complex world of High Definition.

From essential background information a video professional is expected to know, to summaries of the latest gear that would take you hours of research on the web, this handbook has it covered. The HD workflows area will help you avoid the pitfalls that have trapped so many others and be ready to meet your customers' demand for HD.

As you transition to HD, you'll find the HD Survival Handbook a valuable guide and reference to the technologies in use so you can make intelligent decisions for your needs. It also serves as a guide to workflows in Final Cut Studio. (While the Production and Distribution sections will benefit everyone moving to HD, the Post-Production workflows are Final Cut Studio specific, but even in this section the discussion on storage types, connections and archiving are common to all NLEs.)

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