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Awesome Titling


  • Final Cut Studio
    • Final Cut Pro 5
    • LiveType 2
    • Motion 2

  • Final Cut Studio 2
    • Final Cut Pro 6
    • LiveType 2
    • Motion 3


  • choosing the right font
  • better typographic design for video
  • when to use Calligraphy, Motion or LiveType
  • animated font techniques


Table of Contents

7 articles of tips, techniques and inspiration that will help you break out of the mundane, go way beyond the presets, and create really awesome titles!

Be prepared to experiment, be inspired and be exposed to new possibilities with titles in the Final Cut Studio ecosystem.

Equally applicable to Final Cut Studio 1 and 2.

Use your downtime for some titling self-improvement and dazzle your clients.

Includes media and sample projects for Final Cut Pro, LiveType and Motion. (NOTE: projects are compatible with Final Cut Pro 5.1 and later, LiveType 2.1 and later, Motion 2.1 and later)

All 7 articles for the price of 5!

132 pages, 28.4MB + 167MB of projects

Basic Titles; Making the Right Choices; Breaking the Linear Boundary; Glyphs with Life!; A Little Style, A Little Design; Attention to Type Detail; and Grow, Zoom, Pivot, Swivel, Roll & Crawl


Basic Titles

22 pages, 4.5MB + 29.6MB of projects

The basics of creating titles within the Final Cut Studio ecosystem, including using Sequences as complex Title Clips; mixing animation elements, multiple generators and elements from outside the Studio to make awesome titles. Also includes a comparison of the features in Calligraphy, Motion and LiveType.


Making the Right Choices

11 pages, 4MB + 1.1MB of projects

Making the right choices for font and color is crucial as there is a limited range of color acceptable in the video world and not all fonts are suitable for display on interlaced video displays.


Breaking the Linear Boundary

16 pages, 3.5MB + 7.2MB of projects

Take control of the creative design of text at the character level using font selection, size and position in addition to styles, to give your text a unique look.


Glyphs with Life!

28 pages, 7.9MB + 2.1MB of projects

LiveFonts and LiveObjects can save an enormous amount of time over creating animated titles ourselves, but if we’re not careful our titles will look just the same as everyone else’s! Follow the techniques here to keep your LiveFonts from looking like everyone else’s use of the same font.


A Little Style, A Little Design

19 pages, 5.3MB + 9.7MB of projects

In this article we’re going to examine the creative design of text using fill, outlines and shadows. Includes comparisons between nominally similar tools in Calligraphy, Motion and LiveType.


Attention to Type Detail

26 pages, 4.1MB + 483KB of projects

In this article we’re going to consider the variety of fonts that we can use; where to get them, how to choose the right one and learn a little about typesetting as it applies to video. We also go into a bit of depth about finding and managing fonts - including all the different varieties that will work on OS X. We’ll be considering the expanded character set of Unicode.


Grow, Zoom, Pivot, Swivel, Roll & Crawl!

23 pages, 8.8MB + 117MB of projects

Modern titling requires motion. Fortunately, all the titling tools provided in the Final Cut Studio are chock full of animation goodness: mostly with one-click convenience.


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